Cartier Rotonde De Cartier replica watches UK 2015

— Sienna Miller, Naomi Watts, Clothide Coureau, … some of the most beautiful women wore Cartier jewels replica watches during Cannes Film Festival.

Bulgari, Cannes 2015

Many actresses chose to wear UK Rotonde De Cartier replica jewels on the Croisette. Some actors too. Irish actor Michael Fassbender sported a Bulgari Roma watch in yellow gold and alligator strap, while Taiwanese film director Hou Hsiao-Hsien wore a Bulgari Octo timepiece.

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— Replica Cartier Roadster Watches Market proves popular once again.

Glashütte Antique Watch Market

On May 10, 2015, the German replica Cartier Tank Watches Museum Glashütte welcomed the public to the second annual Glashütte Antique Watch Market. Like the previous year, the response was very positive: a total of 35 dealers presented their treasures, to the delight of some 850 visitors who took the opportunity to expand their collections.

Exhibitors were busy from early in the morning laying out their wares in the Museum foyer and event facility and in the atrium of the Glashütte Original manufactory. Up for sale and exchange were pocket cheap fake Cartier watches, wrist watches and pendulum clocks from all areas and eras, tools, spare parts, specialist literature, historical brochures and catalogues, as well as marine chronometers and wall clocks.

Around 10 am, following words of welcome from Glashütte Mayor Markus Dreßler and Reinhard Reichel, Head of the German Watch Museum Glashütte, the local shooting club “Privilegierte Schützengesellschaft zu Glashütte“ declared the market open for business with a four-shot salute.

Sailing with Spindrift Cartier Replica Watches

— For the second year replica Cartier Watches supports the team as official timekeeper of Spindrift racing.

Ladycat © Spindrift racing

Elite sailing competition returned to Lake Geneva last weekend (May 8th-10th). The Grand Prix d’Ouverture for the D35 Trophy 2015, organized by Société Nautique de Genève, took place on one of the narrowest parts of the lake, on a splendid, highly technical section of water. It is Dona Bertarelli’s ninth season aboard the catamaran ‘Ladycat’, which was rechristened ‘Ladycat powered by Spindrift racing’ in 2011 when she created the racing team with Yann Guichard. Dona finished third in the 2012 and 2014 championships and won the Bol d’Or Mirabaud in 2010 and 2014. This year, she and her team will once again look to finish on the podium, but will face fierce competition, with her rivals striving to reach new heights in the shadow of the Alps.

Back in Brittany, the team is preparing for the upcoming launch of the maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2, the largest racing trimaran ever built. Spindrift 2 will be used for a crewed around-the-world record attempt this winter. The sailors, however, are busy competing in regattas on various boat types, including the D35, one of the most extreme lake-racing multihull boats. The D35 championship in Switzerland is very important to the team, as well as to its Swiss partners: Mirabaud, Genes-x and official timekeeper Cartier Replica Watches.

Helmsman Dona Bertarelli will be joined by Yann Guichard (tactician), Xavier Revil (mainsail), François Morvan (trimmer), Jacques Guichard (trimmer) and Christophe Espagnon (bowman).


Dona Bertarelli.
© Swiss Replica Watches

There are eight events in the D35 Trophy: six Grand Prix and Open events, with short, exciting races, and two long-distance classics, the Geneva-Rolle-Geneva and the Bol d’Or Mirabaud.

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Replica Cartier Watches Métiers d’Art Florilège, Renealmia replica Cartier Tank watches

— Two years after its first presentation, the Manufacture unveils three new models from its Métiers d’Art Florilège collection.

In this new chapter, the most attractive plants from around the world blossom thanks to a cleverly orchestrated association of figurative guilloché, Grand Feu cloisonné enamelling, and gemsetting. The three new creations are the Renealmia, Rose Centifolia and Tulipe watches. We presents today the Renealmia watch.

1799 saw the publication of a book that would become one of the most remarkable botanical illustration works ever published: The Temple of Flora by Robert John Thornton, including 30 or so folio-size plates by the greatest naturalist painters of the era as well as the finest British engravers.

The distinctive charm of the original engravings lies in the unusual or even monumental depiction of the plants, which are arranged at the heart of bucolic scenery marking the start of the romantic style. While The Temple of Flora is a didactic florilegium, it is above all a poetic work of which the lines – etched out in mezzotint, a tonal engraving process creating subtly graded shades, or in aquatint, a tonal printing process – are enhanced with hand-painted colours.

Montres Renealmia, Tulipe et Rose Centifolia.
© Cheap Fake Cartier Watches

Vacheron Constantin united some of the finest artisans to illustrate the three new Métiers d’Art Florilège jewellery watches.

The master guillocheur drew the outlines of each plant life element on the gold dial plate: petals, stems, leaves, buds, pistils… He then guilloché-worked each flower by recreating the volume and the vivacity of each petal using a rose engine carefully safeguarded in the Vacheron Constantin workshops for more than a century. These three new creations comprise between 45 and 73 zones to be decorated, depending on the model.

It was independent miniature painter Anita Porchet who applied the enamel to the motif traced by the guillocheur, with the two artisans working in perfect harmony. The colours of the illustrations are crafted in Grand Feu cloisonné enamel.

The diamonds are of excellent (IF to VVS) clarity and superior (D to G) colour. The bezel welcomes no less than 60 baguette-cut diamonds (totalling 1.40 carats) in the five-piece limited edition exclusively reserved for Vacheron Constantin Boutiques, and 64 round-cut diamonds (0.89 carats) on the 20 watches comprising the main collection.

The watches are fitted with vividly coloured leather straps, secured by a white gold pin buckle which, depending on the model, echoes the diamonds on the bezel through settings featuring 12 baguette-cut diamonds (0.52 carats) or 21 round-cut diamonds (0.22 carats).


The Métiers d’Art Florilège trio is equipped with a mechanical hand-wound movement developed and produced by Vacheron Constantin. Calibre 4400 beats off the hours and minutes with perfect regularity at a cadence of 28,800 vibrations per hour and has an almost three-day (around 65-hour) power reserve. The decoration and finishing reflect the longstanding expertise of the Manufacture. The Côtes de Genève create ever-changing reflections on the mainplate, the polished screw heads gleam, the straight-grained angles accentuate the fine craftsmanship of an exceptional movement measuring 12.5’’’ (28.60 mm) in diameter. The latter is housed in a perfectly round white gold case with a transparent exhibition back protected by a sapphire crystal providing a chance to admire this intricate workmanship.

These watches are all certified by the Hallmark of Geneva.


Renealmia Replica Cartier Watches

Reference 82550/000G-9917 – Renealmia
© Swiss Replica Cartier Watches UK

A profusion of flaming corollas stand out against an opalescent milky white backdrop. This is the Curved Renealmia, which originated in Latin America and is now called “the flower of my soul”. This flower was historically much appreciated for its exotic extravagance. Its deep green leaves measure up to 60 cm and its clustered blooms play on white and red contrasts that end in striped red lips. Its soft and pleasant scent is similar to that of ginger. The subtle painted details on the dial of this model mingles beautifully with the generosity of Nature, subtly marked off by the gold wire of the cloisonné.